First Cards Against Humanity Game…on Brock Party

mza_1747767128699247568.170x170-75This was the best night ever with BROCK PARTY podcast. In fact, I just listened to the podcast and relived the evening. You should listen, too.

“Actress Juliette Danielle stops by to play her first ever game of Cards Against Humanity with Brock Wilbur, Rob Ondarza, and Joe Starr. In the process, they discuss Dead Kansas, exploding pigeons, various iterations of Ghost Sharks, lots of Wrestling, Comic-Con, this business we call show, British husbands, Hobby Lobby, puppies, and of course the cinematic masterpiece The Room. This week’s soundtrack brought to you by the musical group We Are Scientists.”


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Brock Wilbur | Joe Starr

Skylight Books – The Disaster Artist Signing

What a fantastic time with the cast, crew and supporters of The Room at Skylight Books this past Monday! If you have not read The Disaster Artist…get a copy now! Don’t like to read? Listen to Greg Sestero read it to you himself…the audio book is now available here.