About Me

Greetings from San Antonio! I’m just a Texas girl who moved to LA for about 15 years, and then went back to Texas!

I starred in the cult film The Room with Tommy Wiseau in 2003. I hid for a long time, hoping the unwelcome attention would subside. But I’m out of hiding! Some of my other acting work includes Ghost Shark 2: Urban Jaws, ‘Til Morning and The Trouble with Barry. I’ve also done some work on several web series. Check out Development Hell and IRL. I’m also mostly retired from film, and I like it that way.

For my “real job” I freelance as a graphic design, marketing and social media consultant. I love to keep busy! I’m also a Scentsy Consultant, runner, wrestling fan, Netflix binge watcher, artist, a volunteer in my community and at my church. And, despite some pretty serious allergies, I am a kitty mom of four. I’m also really good at browsing Facebook and liking things.

I love Room fans. I love their creativity, enthusiasm and support over the years. My biggest wish is that new fans can hold space in their hearts for the actress-an actual person-that could not be more different than the character she played so many years ago.

Much Love,

Me and Duffy
  • Hey there 🙂 I’m the guy who noted that you changed your gender status on facebook a while back…


    I’ve a craft request for you if you’re game. 🙂 I’ve been getting to know a girl by the name of Lisa (oh the crap I’ve gotten for that) 😉 …over the course of the last five months or so, and upon recently introducing her to the Room, she found herself amused yet has since found herself wishing she had another name. =P Her friend recently had a baby boy, and I was wondering if you would be up for making a little baby blanket for him. =) He’s only about a week old, and it would tickle everyone in my circle upon knowing that he was being kept warm by a blanket crafted by the woman who tore Johnny apart when she wasn’t tending to her cats =)

    If you’re up for it and the price is reasonable, I would love to work something out. =) Let me know what you think when you get the chance. Hope to hear from ya! 😀

    Take care,



    • Hey Ricky! My blankets aren’t perfect yet (although they are a HELL of a lot better than my cat beds right now). So let me put one together in the next few weeks and see if it makes the grade. 🙂

  • Larry

    I’m happy to hear that you are married, but let me know if that doesn’t work out. I can smang it with the best of them and I love cats as well. I just got my degree in accounting and secured a job at Deloitte in LA. You have captivated me. Look up my music company Turquoise Jeep Records. I dedicate “Do It Like This” and “Fried or Fertilized” to you my dear.

  • Daniel

    Hi Juliette, just dropping a note to say hi, and that I recently went to a screening of The Room in nyc! It was awesome! You should come to a screening in NY if you are ever their (fans would go nuts!)



  • Hey, Juliette! Love your Facebook page and your blog. You have talked to me before on your page, and it really does feel strange to talk to a celebrity! 🙂 I really would love to see you in more movies, honestly. You aren’t a bad actress, really. And by the way, be sure to check out MY blog, http://www.chillermaniacs.blogspot.com. It reviews children’s horror novels by an author named Johnathan Rand. He reminds me of Tommy Wiseau because of how bad his books are.

    Cheers from South Dakota!
    -Troy Small

    • Hello Troy! Thanks for stopping by to say hello!

      I liked your blog…that’s an interesting genre…children’s horror novels! From what I can see…he’s a big fan of alliteration in his book titles! 😉

    • More like OBSESSED with alliteration! In fact, once, he did Kreepy Klowns of Kalamazoo, where he actually spelled two words wrong so they could start the same.


      And there’s a couple The Room references on there, too, for North Dakota Night Dragons and The top 10 books that sound RIDICULOUS. Thanks for stopping by! 🙂

  • Tymplton

    Good read.

  • Hottest girl in the room!

  • Ashlyn S. Hibbs

    Took me some time to find this site. I know you may not use this anymore, but I just wanted to say I finally got the chance to see The Room last night. I’m kind of your State Neighbor; I live in Louisiana.
    Wanted to just drop a line on the off chance you might read it. I guess I wanted to say “thank you” for the comments you made about what your place in The Room meant as an actress, specifically about how women– in film and everyday life– should be made to feel ashamed for or grossed-out by their looks. I thought that was really unexpected. Not because of any preconceptions about you; just because people don’t really genuinely say that stuff as often as they should.

    I really, REALLY want to buy from your Scentsy, but I’m actually overdrawn to pay for rent lol. Maybe someday! And if you ever start selling autographs or anything again, you should post it everywhere. I don’t use Facebook, but I’ll check here if you still use this thing.

    Anyway, love you as a person. Keep living your best life, lady! 🙂

  • Kevin R. Martell

    You look so beautiful in The Room,
    I just cant tell you how much I love this film, is really good to read from you.

  • Ferdinand Trussoff

    You’ll become a legend. Trust me. The Room is still very underestimated. Good job!

  • vincanss

    Is it true Tommy aimed for the tummy button? :/