My Kitty Family

I’ve grown up with cats ALL my life. Outside of 2 years in college, there has never been a time when I haven’t had at least one cat in the house.

Right now, I have five kitties. They are my furry little children…totally priceless to me.

Lola – Orange Fluffball (2003)

I know that i shouldn’t have favorites…but she is my total favorite. She was my first rescue. Originally intended to be a foster kitten, I fell in love with her immediately. You can find me talking about #TheLola on social media.

Tia – Black and White Medium Hair

Tia showed up on our back doorstep in Van Nuys. She was a great addition to our family.

Mia -Short Black Hair

Mia also showed up our back doorstep in Van Nuys. She is a tiny little thing with a huge chip on her shoulder…because she is the smallest!

Duffy -Tabby

Duffy came from the rescue where I volunteer. We found out he was mostly blind after adopting him…but he gets along great!



Adopting Is a Big Responsibility

Cats are cute…but before you run out and get one…please remember that it is a 20 year commitment!  Kittens only stay kittens for about a year…and then they usually start to have health problem around age 10. So please, give this some thought. Cats should NEVER be an impulse buy.

Get your cats fixed

Seriously…get them fixed. Not doing this can cause the obvious problem…but it also can affect your cat’s behavior for life. Once a male cat starts spraying, he usually won’t stop…even after you get him fixed. A good rule of thumb is four months or four pounds.

Don’t Declaw

It is cruel. They don’t pull out their claws. They amputate the ends of their toes. Declawing causes long term problems for cats and IT HURTS THEM. If you are worried about your precious furniture…get a dog.

  • Edward Moore

    Hi Juliette,
    such nice pussy cats! Your YouTube channel is great! My girlfriend and I think you should have your own Craft/Cats TV show.

    • Thank you, Ed! Glad you like my channel! I could talk about cats all day long! 😉