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Drama – ‘Til Morning

Comedy – The Trouble With Barry

Black Comedy – The Last Rites of Granny Souza



  • Dan

    You were the only good thing about “The Room,” and while the film itself is laughably bad with poorly written characters, at least you managed to make the clunky dialogue sound somewhat real. I wish you the best and hope that in the future you get to play characters with more depth that you can really have some fun with.

    • Clearly Dan…you have excellent taste. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  • E Nelson

    I recently discovered this movie and all its charm (the good and the bad). I have had an extremely stressful past few years and have used this film as one of my favorite forms of escapism from the “real world”. For a brief moment, I can laugh and enjoy the film and forget all the stress. Thanks to you and the entire crew/cast for my small escape.

  • Kamil

    Nice to meet you, Juliette
    I just watched The Room, and i personally put it on par with Ed Wood movies, from now on, every time i will have stressful day, im sure such movie will always put smile on my face

  • LilRichie


  • canaduck

    You seem like such a lovely person! 🙂